Haitian American Nurses Association of Greater New York

The Committees


The role and scope of the Education Committee shall be to plan educational activities to support the mission of the Association. The objective of the Education Committee is to promote nursing education through academic scholarships and tuition assistance to nursing students in The Greater NY area and in Haiti.

Chair: Kelynne Edmond-Pierre

Members: Monique Etienne, Marie E. Hyppolite, Aviolle Pierre, Lesnide Themistocle


Public Relations

The purpose of the Public Relations Committee is to manage and foster effective communication between HANA and the community.  Our aim is to target different audiences through various platforms such as social media, the web and broadcasting.  This will enable the public to know and understand HANA’s mission and vision.  Effective management of this communication will build strong relationships between the association and potential stakeholders locally and internationally.

Chair: Marie Claire Joseph

Members: Marie E. Hyppolite, Ketlie Numa-Lespinas



The role and scope of the Fundraising Committee shall raise funds for planned programs/activities for the Association. Its mission is to raise money to meet the ongoing needs of the Association.

Chair: Mimerose Charles

Members: Stephanie AugustinAzeline LeopoldJeanette Jean Pierre, Margareth Joseph



The role and scope of the Newsletter Committee shall be to identify issues and develop a bi-annual newsletter to keep members of the Association abreast of important events, health issues, and other opportunities that will benefit members of the Association and communities that they serve.

Chair: Daniella Bouzi

Members: Marlene Elome, Marie Claire Joseph, Nerlande Lafond, Chantal Seide



The role and scope of the Hospitality Committee shall be to ensure that all who enters into contact with the Association is made to feel welcome, treated with respect, courtesy and consideration and is valued as an essential part of the Association.

Chair: Danes Audige

Members: Stephanie Augustin, Daniella Bouzi, Jeanette Jean-Pierre, Merise Joseph-Raphael, Betsy Pierre-Louis


Activities and Programs

The role and scope of this Activities & Programs Committee shall be and to identify activities of interest and bring forth to the group for participation. This Committee will organize activities to sustain partnership in the community.

Chair:  Ketlie Numa-Lespinas

Members: Stephanie Augustin, Jeanette Jean Pierre, Marie Misere, Betsy Pierre-Louis, Immacula Samson


Recruitment & Retention

The role and scope of the Recruitment and Retention Committee shall be to identify  strategies to recruit nursing students, graduate students and professional nurses to the Association. This Committee will also ensure retention of members by integrating new members into the organization, systematic training and providing the support needed in their new roles as members.

Chair: Marie Solanges Piard

Members: Mimerose Charles, Margareth Joseph, O’Brien Morency, Michelle Saintilien