Haitian American Nurses Association of Greater New York

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People join professional organizations for many different reasons. Some individuals join to voice issues that impacts their lives personally and professionally. For others, they may want to network or enjoy the peer recognition that comes from being an active member of a major organization.

Associate Membership

  • Members in the Community (non-nurses)

Student Membership

  • Nursing Students
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What are the advantages of joining the Haitian American Nurses Association (HANA)?

Personal and professional development: When you become a member of HANA you will get the option to choose from a list of various committees or hold office which may give you the opportunity to increase your visibility, develop confidence and strengthen leadership and communication skills. In addition, you will also get the opportunity to improve your writing skills by submitting an article for your local chapter newsletter.   The opportunities for growth and development are limitless.

Education: HANA offers opportunities for continuing education credits through seminars and conventions. HANA is devoted to “teaching and learning.” Each chapter organization provides a one-time scholarship to nursing students within their State and in Haiti from an accredited college or university.

Networking: As a member of HANA, you will get numerous networking opportunities to connect with your peers, nursing leaders, elected officials and entrepreneurs through local, state and national events.

Support: When you become a member of HANA, you will gain an immediate personal and professional support system from others who share your interests and concerns. There’s a sense of belonging and connection when you become a member of HANA. You have the confidence of reaching out to fellow members if you encounter issues at work where you need advice or a listening ear. Or in the event of personal tragedy, like the death of a loved one, you have the assurance of receiving the encouraging words and prayers from members.

Unity: In the event of a disaster or discrimination, HANA members will come together as one unified force. When the devastating earthquake struck Haiti in January 2010, members worked together with other local organizations to provide supplies and immediate medical attention to those in need. In October 2015, HANA members from New York, Florida, Georgia, and Chicago immediately rallied Human Rights Leaders, Elected Officials and the District Attorney of New York, Eric Schneiderman to investigate business practices of Interim Healthcare Agency after the advertisement in PennySaver which discriminated against Haitian nurses. As a result of the investigation, the Agency, was heavily fined and were required to develop a policy that will protect applicants against discrimination on the basis of national origin, race or any other protected class.

Become a member today and be a part of a professional nursing organization where you can make a difference in your life, your Community and the World.

  1. Do it for yourself.
  2. Be part of a unified force.
  3. Advance your career.
  4. Advertise your integrity.
  5. Earn the ultimate reward.
  6. Serve your profession.
  7. Network with others who do what you do.
  8. Showcase your ethnic pride.
  9. Proclaim your profession.
  10. Advocate for your profession.