Haitian American Nurses Association of Greater New York

Board Members

Marie E. Hyppolite MS, BSN, RN-BC, CLC


Marie E. Hyppolite MS, BSN, RN-BC, CLC

Marie Edeline Hyppolite was born in Port-au- Prince, Haiti and immigrated to Manhattan, New York in 1966. After a few short years, her family moved to Boston, Massachusetts where she began her matriculation as a health care professional. Marie obtained her Licensed Practical Nurse diploma from Boston City Hospital of School of Nursing in 1979. Two years later she returned to New York and attended the Helene Fuld School of Nursing where she obtained her Associate degree in Applied Science in Nursing. With a fresh excitement for the field of nursing, she decided to pursue her Baccalaureate degree in nursing and subsequently obtained her Master’s degree in Executive Nursing and Health Care Management from Long Island University. Over the last 15 years, Marie has worked diligently to become certified as a Lactation Counselor, Geriatric Scholar, Basic Cardiac Life Support Specialist and a board certified Ambulatory Care Nurse with the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). Marie is currently the Associate Director of Strategic Planning & Management for Patient Care Services at Queens Hospital, New York and an adjunct professor at Long Island University teaching RN to BSN students. Marie holds membership and executive leadership positions in various organizations, both on a local and national platform. She is the current President of the Haitian American Nurses Association (HANA) of Greater New York, a member of the New York Organization of Nurse Executives and Leaders (NYONEL), Leadership Academy and the American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing (AAACN). She has received different awards and recognition, most recently, she was inductee to the 1804 List of Haitian-American Changemakers in the Unites States by the Haitian Roundtable. Marie E. Hyppolite is a tenacious woman who gracefully conquers her dreams and aspirations. She is a leader and a visionary who seeks to impart her wisdom and talents into the lives of aspiring professionals and her community. When she is not busy helping others she enjoys shopping, dancing and reading.


Ketlie Numa BS, RN

1st Vice President

Ketlie Numa-Lespinas BSN, RN

Ketlie Numa is a Registered Nurse who has been practicing in the field of nursing for over 25 years. When she entered the field of nursing she started off as a CNA, then worked her way up to an LPN, and finally an RN. Her childhood dream has always been to become a nurse. When Ketlie migrated to the U.S. from Haiti as a teenager her dreams of becoming a nurse went from a dream to a reality. After graduating from high school she attended BMCC and received her Associates Degree in Liberal Arts. She then attended The Hospital for Special Surgery’s academic program, where she received her LPN license. In 2007, she received her Associates Degree in Nursing from Farmingdale University and became an RN that same year. Throughout her career she has worked with community leaders and other healthcare professionals within the five boroughs of New York focusing on different aspects of health related issues. Ketlie is also a union delegate for 1199 and has been working hard to help bring attention to the healthcare crisis facing this country. She has fought for universal healthcare in Albany and Washington D.C., she was been a staunch supporter and advocate for better working conditions for healthcare workers, especially nurses. She has fought for better laws and policies regarding patient care and healthcare cost. Ketlie has also been recruiting nurses and other healthcare professionals on the importance and benefits of being part of a union, such as protection from employer abuse and workers bargaining rights. As Vice President of H.A.N.A., she has worked with other board members to materialize the mission and vision of the association. She was awarded 2013 Brooklyn Borough Woman of the year for her outstanding work as a nurse serving communities and its residences throughout the 5 boroughs of New York. In October 2014, she graduated from Grand Canyon University with her Bachelors Degree in Nursing.


Marie Claire Joseph BS, RN

2nd Vice President

Marie Claire Joseph BSN, RN

I began my nursing journey in my homeland Haiti where I worked at different hospitals and served as a District representative for the Ministry of Health for about a year. After immigrated to USA I joined the Health and Hospitals Corporation where I have been for about twenty years in medical-surgical, then Intensive Care (ICU) and Post Anesthesia Care (PACU) units. I earned my Bachelor of Science from St Joseph’s College in Brooklyn and I recently completed an MBA in Health Care Management at the same institution. I am certified by the American Credentialing Center as a Med-Surgical Nurse and by the St Joseph’s College Board as a Hospice and Gerontology Nurse. I was introduced to HANA in 2011 by a family member and I fell in love with the association since. Today I am a devoted, proud member. I am committed to nursing culture of excellence, the value of professionalism, quality outcomes and collaborative practice among workers. I am passionate about helping others and I hope to be able to build a long-lasting relationship with HANA and use my expertise to the benefit of its clientele.


Michelle Saintilien MS, BSN, RN


Michelle Saintilien MS, BSN, RN

Michelle Saintilien was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Her parents are natives of the beautiful island of Haiti. Ms. Saintilien started her nursing career at the age of eighteen after she graduated from the Practical Nursing Program at Hillcrest High School and obtained her practical nursing license. She continued to pursue her career in nursing, and received her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from Hunter College of the City University of New York. She went on to obtain her Master’s Degree from Pace University. Her continued passion to make an impact on the lives people has motivated her to volunteer on several medical missions in both the Bahamas and Haiti. She was one of the first responders that provided immediate nursing care, and counseling to the victims of the earthquake that devastated Haiti. Ms. Saintilien is one of the founding members of HANA of Greater New York, where she served as President from 2010 – 2012. Ms. Saintilien is currently on the Board as Secretary and continues to make an impact on the growth and success of the HANA of Greater New York. Ms. Saintilien is the Senior Clinical Documentation Analyst at Allscripts Healthcare LLC, one of the leading providers in healthcare information technology.


Stephanie Augustin BS, RN

Assistant Secretary

Stephanie Augustin BS, RN

I am Stephanie Augustin, born in Brooklyn, New York but raised in Port-au- Prince, Haiti. I received my first Bachelors Degree in Science from Adelphi University May, 2014.My main passion is nursing, but on my days off, I enjoy traveling and spending time with my friends and family.  My long term career plans is to continue my education and work on obtaining my Doctorate Of Nursing Practice.


Marie Solanges Piard MPA, BSN


Marie Solanges Piard MBA, BSN, RN

I am a graduated registered nurse from the Simone O. Duvalier Nursing School in Haiti, presently named ENIP (Ecole Nationale d’Infirmiere a Port-au-Prince).  Upon my arrival to the Untied State, I quickly realized that furthering my education had to be a priority.  With the support of my family, I attended St. Joseph College, in Brooklyn, New York and obtained my Baccalaureate of Science Degree. I then went  on to pursue and received my Master’s Degree in Public Administration with a Certificate in Gerontology from Long Island University in Long Island, New York.

Throughout my years as an RN, I have gained extensive in-depth nursing and leadership experience. This experience was gained from working in the following units: Radiology, Emergency Room, Pediatric, Med/Surg, OB/Gyn and Surgery. I am very proficient in providing consistent, individualized and comprehensive health care to a very diverse patient

population. I have had the opportunity to collaborate with different health and medical departments to ensure proper quality care to my patients.

After 31 + years of service, I retired as a supervisor in the Radiology Department in one of the most prestigious Hospitals of the New York City Health and Hospital Corporation.  Being a retiree has not stopped me. Besides spending more time with my family, my memberships to the New York State Nursing Association (NYSNA), the American Nurses Association (ANA) and my Basic Live Support Certification have remained current. I am also currently a member of the following organizations:

1-Haitian Nurses Association of Greater New York (HANA) whose mission is to promote health education to our community and assist in nursing education in the US and in Haiti. 2-Union Fraternelle de Camp-Perrin whose mission is to build a health clinic in one of the most isolated areas in the South of Haiti. 3-Saint Vincent de Paul Society at Saint Benedict the Moor Church in Jamaica Queens New York whom through their fellowship helps the needy in the community through home visits, food and clothing donations, and etc.

In November of 2014, I had the honor of receiving the “Presidents Choice Award” at the HANA Annual Scholarship Dinner.


Immacula Samson MS, BSN, RN, LNC

Assistant Treasurer

Immacula Samson MS, BSN, RN, LNC

Immacula Samson, migrated from Haiti to New York City in 1971. After acquiring her high school diploma, she attended City College of New York, where she obtained a Bachelor in Nursing in 1983; a Master Degree in Nursing, from Adelphi University in 2009; and a Certificate as a Legal Nurse Consultant and Paralegal, from Long Island University in 2005.

She has shown commitment and passion in serving her community both here and abroad.  Immacula has volunteered and participated in numerous health fairs, mission trips, community service in Port-au-Prince, and churches in Petit-Goâve.  In addition, she also conducted classes on various health care topics to nursing students at L’Université Episcopale d’Haïti Léogâne (FSIL).  Since 2011, she has been an active member of the Health Education Action League for Haiti (HEAL Haiti).

Immacula is employed at Queens Hospital Center and is currently working as an Assistant Head Nurse in the Geriatric Clinic. In a span of over thirty years, she has extensive experience in various clinical settings. She serves as a mentor for young nursing students.

Presently, Immacula is enrolled in a Doctorate of Theology program and working towards a second Masters Degree as a Nurse Practitioner.

She is dedicated to making a long-term contribution to the development of health care and education in Haiti.