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I am humbled, honored and privileged to assume the role of President of the Haitian American Nurses Association (HANA). I thank the members for their trust and shall strive to live up to their expectations. I am deeply grateful to my predecessor Marie E. Hyppolite for her leadership and outstanding contributions to HANA. I am inspired by her commitment to HANA and all of her achievements. Indeed the growth of HANA has been propelled collectively by the individuals and past leadership of HANA.

It is with pride that I have undertaken this amazing opportunity; I will continue the leadership of HANA in its position as an organization supporting nursing education in both the local and global community, nurturing our nursing students by providing them opportunities to further facilitate their educational and professional growth, in addition to advocacy and raising awareness of issues affecting the health industry at large.

There are so many goals that we hope to accomplish in this new era of leadership; HANA will pursue more opportunities for integration such as increased participation in conferences and initiatives that will continually identify and promulgate new ideas regarding health care concerns that pose a barrier to effective health care in our immediate community and abroad.

HANA will continue advocacy efforts to answer the needs in the areas of communities we have yet to reach. By increasing expertise, we increase capacity to meet the challenge of an ineffective health care system. Increased capacity and awareness within the nursing field will lead to better-informed methods of care. There is a community knowledge gap that needs to be bridged, and knowledge is at the core of better healthcare.

HANA is positioned to continue its mission of addressing nursing training, education, outreach and advocacy needs in collaboration with its members and partnerships beyond the greater New York area.

I thank you for taking the time to look and explore our website..I hope it does not stop there.

Thank you.

Kelynne J.Edmond, RN-BC, GNP, APRN- BC
Haitian American Nurses Association, Inc


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